Hello from BSL Zone

Posted on 30th March 2020

We at BSL Zone hope you’re all safe and well.  By way of an update, we have a new COVID-19 section on our website – you may have noticed it already – click the red button to go to the page.

There, you can find all of the live streams we’ve done surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic – we always upload them to our website and app afterwards so that you can watch them any time.  (Just to be clear – if you don’t have a Facebook account, you can still watch our streams live on Facebook – just go to our Facebook page and you should be able to see them.)  We really appreciate the input and knowledge that our Deaf experts have shared so far.

We’ve also teamed up with ITV SignPost to bring you daily Coronavirus news updates in BSL, which you can find on our COVID-19 page too.

If you’ve had enough of it all and want to watch something different, why not watch one of our comedies if you need a laugh?  We’ve got plenty of drama too; something for everyone.  Those of you at home with your children should look at our children’s section; there’s Up For It?, Secret Lab and much more!

Finally, why not check out our BSL Zone Unofficial YouTube channel?  You may even learn a new skill!

Take care, stay safe and don’t forget to wash your hands.


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