Casting call (hearing) for new BSL Zone drama

Posted on 19th August 2021

Samuel Dore (in the video) is looking for actors for his latest film, Diagnonsense, a 30-minute drama that he's writing and directing for BSL Zone. It will be shooting mid to late October in London. Please email him at if you’re interested in any of these roles:

Dr Nicholson, male, white, 62 (approx) a stubborn and systematically prejudiced psychiatrist who expresses his arrogance through disarmingly yet firm politeness and thinly veiled threats. He abuses his position of authority as a psychiatrist to protect his reputation, especially when he has made a serious mistake with one of his diagnoses. Two days rehearsal (approx) and four days (approx) filming.

Young Dr Nicholson, male, white, 26, (approx) ambitious, hungry, career-orientated; his mistake sets in motion the events of this film. One day rehearsal and one day filming.

Nurse Jack, male/female, black, 25, (approx) who is disincentivized by the mental health system. S/he finds his/her patients’ passive behaviour very triggering, especially as it makes him/her feel helpless, hence his/her minor cruelty; s/he is detached and frustrated when looking after patients. Two days rehearsal (approx) and three days (approx) filming.

Chris Crothers, male/female, 55 (approx) a relic of a Social Services Supervisor from the old school era, who has been sticking to a tried and tested social care system that discriminates against Deaf social workers and clients/patients. One day rehearsal and one day filming.

Drunk Hearing Man, any age over 25, who confronts the protagonist, leading to serious consequences. One day rehearsal (TBC) and one day filming.

Supporting Artists of various ages, gender and ethnicity over 25 years, needed for one day of filming 1960s scenes.

A Policeman, non speaking role, over 25 years, needed for one day of filming a 1960s scene.


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