BSLBT’s Autumn Commissioning Round 2019

Posted on 31st July 2019

We are now looking to commission new factual programmes and short films.

For factual programmes, we are inviting proposals from Deaf producers or directors who have directed or produced a 28-minute broadcast TV programme.  To propose ideas, you must be attached to a production company which has made a 28-minute broadcast TV programme.  We are sorry, but we cannot support Deaf producers or directors who don't have a production company.

We are looking for various types of factual programmes; this could be a documentary, history programme, arts programme, or a lifestyle programme with content such as cookery or gardening.  

We are also inviting people who have worked on one of our BSLBT productions - maybe as a runner, actor, assistant producer or director, or a researcher - to pitch to make short films of 5-10 minutes long, for online broadcast only.

Unfortunately, those of you who have already produced or directed a 28-minute programme aren't eligible for this, as we want to encourage emerging talent. To make a proposal, you must find a production company that BSLBT have worked with to endorse your application and support you through the making of the film.  

You may have noticed that we haven't asked for any drama proposals.  Don't worry! We have an exciting new announcement about our new plans for commissioning scripted drama for you soon, so keep an eye out.

For further information and the proposal forms for factual programmes and short films, please click here to go to the 2019 Commissioning page on our website.

We are looking forward to discussing your ideas.     


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