BSLBT to give expert advice at media event

Posted on 22nd February 2024

BSLBT’s CEO, Camilla Arnold, and production executive, Stephanie Burke, will be going to the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) ITS Localisation event in London on 29th February.

The event will bring together the media industry’s top language service providers, content creators, artificial intelligence and machine learning companies, and network executives, to talk about the challenges facing media and entertainment, and share the latest solutions to meet them.

There, Camilla and Stephanie will be offering their expert advice on how the mainstream film/TV industry can become allies for deaf talent wanting to break through the industry.  Their ‘fireside e chat’ will give media professionals an insight into BSLBT’s content, and our initiatives to encourage more deaf people behind the camera. Camilla and Stephanie will also be sharing news of a subtitling initiative that BSLBT are driving to train deaf subtitlers - an industry first. 

Camilla said:  “We are very proud to be part of the MESA’s event as one of their key speakers. It will be an opportunity to change perceptions but also educate the decision makers in the industry on how to better cater for our needs as deaf viewers.”


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