Zoom Focus 2014: Double Discrimination: Behind the scenes

Go behind the scenes of Rinkoo Barpaga's new documentary, and find out why he made it

Go behind the scenes of Rinkoo Barpaga's documentary about racism in the Deaf community, called Double Discrimination. This is Barpaga's first documentary, and it was made as part of the BSL Zone's filmmaking scheme, Zoom Focus 2014. In the documentary, he interviews a range of Deaf people about their experiences of racism, including leading figures in the Deaf community, and here he tells us why he's making his film. Double Discrimination was produced by Neath Films.

Watch Double Discrimination online via the BSL Zone website and on TV from Monday 23rd March.

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  • I realise that there is a high level of 'race' awareness in a hearing world but it seems that the kind of awareness towards racism in the Deaf community is rather low due to language and cultural inaccessibility.

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