Zoom 2014: This is I, Remember Me

Watch Jack Smallwood's documentary about Deaf people and dementia

Short documentary. One in three people will develop dementia, but many Deaf people don't know enough about it. This is I, Remember Me explores whether there should be more information in BSL and also features interviews with Deaf experts on dementia and Alzheimer's disease. This film was made by Jack Smallwood as part of the BSL Zone's Zoom 2014 filmmaking scheme.

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  • Glad to see a topic on dementia for the deaf to understands and it helped me alot as well. My dad mishearing with dementia and although I am deaf, I've often wondered if they were any deafs with dementia and how they cope. Thank you for doing this. Beautifully put together and made well. A. 
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  • If you are worried about a friend or family member you can contact National Dementia Helpline (Text Relay) 18001 0300 222 11 22. Email: helpline@alzheimers.org.uk . Live online advice service: https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/get-support/national-dementia-helpline/live-online-adivce . The Dementia Guide from Alzheimer's Society is also available interpreted in BSL here: https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/publications-about-dementia/the-dementia-guide-other-languages .
    You can also request a Dementia Friends Information Session for local groups by emailing dementiafriendsweb@alzheimers.org.uk . Information Sessions explain a little more about dementia and how it can affect a person.
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  • My son is deaf and posted this. It has very interesting to watch so thank you. The issue I. Have is that I am dyslexic and find it very difficult to remember signs and read my son signing. He gets very frustrated with me for not remembering signs and I feel I let him down. I presume there are dyslexic deaf people??
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  • I have a friend and this help me to understand better
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  • My Mother is 88 year old who is Deaf and has developed vascular dementia due to concerns about changes to her behaviour at the residential home where she is staying. When I spoke to the staff at the home they tell me she is shouting a lot and distressing other residences. she does not in fact shout when I visits her but because staff members at the home do not sign therefore there was no way they can communicate with her. Consequently, other people would interpret that as challenging behaviour. When I visits, I have good conversations with her using sign language. I have been in touch with the local council to try and get someone to go in and provide some company to her but that has not materialised.
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  • Wonderful Jack. Really interesting and thought provoking. Well done.
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  • Well done Jack, it is simple and understand what it about. I like the shots and cut off.
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