Zoom 2011: Life is a Gift

Follow a Deaf Afghan immigrant’s fight for asylum.

Short film. A dramatisation of a true story about a Deaf Afghan’s fight for asylum. After Babur (played by Ali Buhdeima) has two requests for asylum rejected, he tries one last time with the help of a local support group. Will he be allowed to stay? Directed by Rinkoo Barpaga as part of the BSLBT’s Zoom short filmmaking scheme.

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  • Wonderful film every Chanel should show it .
    loved it 
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  • Very emotional. I wonder what happened to him.
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  • Brilliant film! This film 'Life is a Gift'. It made me aware of the deaf refugees's right to stay in UK. The deaf Afghan refugee looked very innocent and escaped from war. Sadly, UK border agency threatened to deport him to Afghanistan but he hid to live somewhere from the immigration enforcement police. UK government should look at the deaf & disabled refugees' truth situations not evidences. Some Hearing refugees lied about their escapes and they took more advantages to stay in UK than the innocent deaf refugees.
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  • i am watching this programme about a deaf man from afghan. He is very gentlemen . He is deaf. He honestly explained to show a programme about his background life. In my viewing he should stay in uk. He got a good job already. It is not fair as hearing people have alot of asylum to stay in uk. Government david cameron should provide deaf people only 10% as other 90% hearing people from asylum. He is not crime, no voilent. One of M.P who work for deaf people and disabled people in westminister parlinment. It should arise about that. Babur was a hero man, great struggled all his 5 years. no crime record. That is wrong appeal in justice. I am very sad for him. I am deaf since birth. 52 aged.
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  • Mashallah, it is good flim... I am lots love it! And inshallah get better future!
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