Wicked 3: Programme 8

Magazine show with Nadia and Lee from Chatham

27m 2s

Magazine series for the signing community. Presenters Nadia Nadarajah and Lee Robertson drive the Wicked campervan to Chatham, Surrey to meet Deaf artist Christopher Sacre as he hosts his first solo exhibition. In the Deaf History series, reporter Sharon Hirshman goes to the oldest toy factory in the UK, Merrythought, and tells us about Florence Attwood, who was Deaf, and was their Chief Designer. In the final episode of comedy series The Fingerspellers, a figure rises from the dead. Who will win the battle between the two families? We also go behind the scenes of the series to meet the cast and crew.

Winner of Best TV Programme at Deaffest (2011)

This is Episode 6 of Series 3; you can watch the other Wicked programmes here.



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