Wicked 3: Programme 2

Magazine show with Nadia and Lee from Glentress, Scotland

23m 3s

Magazine series for the signing community. In this episode, presenters Nadia Nadarajah and Lee Robertson drive the Wicked campervan to Glentress, Scotland, to try some mountain biking! They meet Crawford Carrick Anderson, one of the world’s top ten mountain bikers, and Rodney Dawson, who runs Scottish Deaf Mountain Biking. In the Deaf history series, reporter Sebastian Cunliffe tells us all about John Dyott, who lived in the 1600s and managed to save a cathedral. We see the second episode of comedy series The Fingerspellers and in the A Day in a Life strand we follow Jayne Fletcher, a sign singer who has just made a new video.

This is Episode 2 of Series 3; you can watch the other Wicked programmes here.



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