Wicked 3: Programme 1

Magazine show with Nadia and Lee from Hemel Hempstead

27m 9s

Magazine series for the signing community. In this first episode of the third series, the Wicked campervan travels to Hemel Hempstead to tackle a snowboarding challenge! Professional deaf instructor Phil Freeman trains presenters Nadia Nadarajah and Lee Robertson to tackle the slopes. Watch it to see how they get on! In the Deaf history series, we find out about a Deaf sculptor called Joseph Gawen from reporter Sebastian Cunliffe. There’s the first episode of a comedy-drama about a family of signing gangsters called The Fingerspellers, and we follow photographer Ashton Jean-Pierre for the A Day in a Life strand.

This is Episode 1 of Series 3; you can watch the other Wicked programmes here.



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