Wicked 2: Programme 6

Magazine show with Nadia and Nathan from London

24m 19s

Magazine series for the signing community. The Wicked campervan is back in London this week, for the Wicked Christmas special! Presenters Nadia Nadarajah and Nathan Rollinson meet Edwina Lewis, a Deaf ice-skater. Can she teach Nathan any tricks? Debra Casey makes this week’s Wicked Seeds film, all about the beauty of making things for yourself. The team also meet sign singer Jayne Fletcher who performs Westlife’s song I Have a Dream. There’s a special Christmas drama, we drop in on the NDCS annual signed Christmas songs concert, and some Deaf children get to meet a very special man indeed!

This is Episode 6 of Series 2; you can watch the other Wicked programmes here.



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