Wicked 2: Programme 5

Magazine show with Nadia and Nathan from the Milton Keynes

27m 13s

Magazine series for the signing community. This week, the Wicked campervan dashes to Milton Keynes for a bit of glamour! There, presenters Nadia Nadarajah and Nathan Rollinson attend the Teen Queen UK Finals 2009 where one Deaf contestant is bucking the trend! There’s the final Wicked Challenge - but will it be the Mohawks or the Cherokees who come out on top? The Wicked Profile is provided by Kellie Moody, a Deaf model who won Miss Deaf UK in 2007. Finally, in Wicked Seeds, Adam Bassett who has made a film inspired by interpreters.

This is Episode 5 of Series 2; you can watch the other Wicked programmes here.



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