Wicked 2: Programme 1

Magazine show with Lilli and Nathan from Reading

27m 12s

Magazine series for the signing community. In this first episode of the second series, presenters Lilli Risner and Nathan Rollinson go to Reading to meet some Deaf Bikers. Their guide is Andrea Welland, flower arranger during the week, biker at the weekends! Big Chief No Hear divides two teams into Cherokees and Mohawks for the Wicked Challenge. The Wicked profile is of Margaret Brown, who talks about being a champion fundraiser and beating cancer. The film made for Wicked Seeds is called Old Man in the Park, all about how sign language can bring hearing and Deaf people together!

Winner of Best TV Programme at Deaffest (2009); Doing Media Differently: Factual Programming at RADAR People of the Year (2009)

This is Episode 1 of Series 2; you can watch the other Wicked programmes here.



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