Wicked 1: Programme 6

Magazine show with Lilli and Nathan from Tunbridge Wells

Magazine series for the signing community. This episode, Tunbridge Wells is the destination for the orange Wicked campervan! There, presenters Lilli Risner and Nathan Rollinson visit a farm where there’s an ice rink. But they’re not going skating - they’re finding out about the sport of curling! Stephen Pink is the subject of the Wicked Profile, telling us about amateur filmmaking. Dr Buff’s film prescription is for a young Deaf man who is bored of watching the same old thing. Which DVD will he prescribe? Finally, Wicked Seeds is a two minute film made by Craig Butcher called I Saw. But what did he see?

This is Episode 6; you can watch the other Wicked programmes here.

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  • RIP Stephen Pink - his film looked fantastic. Where can I find his full film?

    Amazed he was a first filmmaker!
    Posted on

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