Wicked 1: Programme 3

Magazine show with Lilli and Nathan from Sheffield

26m 40s

Magazine series for the signing community. This time, the bright orange Wicked campervan travels to the Peak District! There, presenters Lilli Risner and Nathan Rollinson meet Andre Hedger, a climber who tackles cliffs (and his cellar!) without any ropes. The subject of the Wicked Profile this episode is Richard Stacey, a Deaf bouncer who spent years working the door at pubs and clubs in Sheffield. In the Wicked Seeds filmmaking scheme, Shana Grummitt and Stephen Collins’s film Out of Control explores the idea that real life could be a computer game. Finally, Aimee, a young Deaf woman, wakes up our resident film expert Dr Buff so that she can get her DVD prescription!

This is Episode 3; you can watch the other Wicked programmes here.



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