Wicked 1: Programme 2

Magazine show with Lilli and Nathan from Loch Lomond, Scotland

26m 42s

Magazine series for the signing community. Presenters Lilli Risner and Nathan Rollinson drive the bright orange Wicked campervan to the countryside in Maidstone, Kent for the Deaf Expo, where 500 people attends to get information while children participates in activities. They meet a mother of a deaf child to see what she finds out at the Expo. The Wicked Profile this episode is Dianne Vander, who tells us about her travels across the world. In the Wicked Seeds filmmaking scheme, Jack Smallwood’s film The Last Breath covers the issue of knife crime. Finally, a tired Deaf mother with two children gets a DVD prescription from our resident film expert, Dr Buff.

This is Episode 2; you can watch the other Wicked programmes here.



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