Wicked 1: Programme 1

Magazine show with Lilli and Nathan from Maidstone, Kent

26m 41s

Magazine series for the signing community. In this first episode of the first series, presenters Lilli Risner and Nathan Rollinson drive the bright orange Wicked campervan to Loch Lomond in Scotland. There, they meet Peter Kane and Mark Malley from the Deaf Jet Ski team! This episode’s Wicked Profile is Paul Tipling, who tells them all about being a children’s clown. Meanwhile, Deaf actress Patsy Palmer’s film for the Wicked Seeds filmmaking scheme sees a hearing man being placed in a Deaf man’s shoes. Finally, a Deaf woman who needs to relax gets a DVD prescription from the resident film expert, Dr Buff.

This is Episode 1; you can watch the other Wicked programmes here.



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