Wicked Seeds: No Solution

Watch Sam Arnold's film about a deaf-related problem that can't be cured

As part of the BSL Zone's Wicked series, a number of Deaf filmmakers were given the chance to make a short film with support from Remark, ranging from dramas to documentaries. The strand was called Wicked Seeds. This short film is called No Solution, and it focuses on a deaf-related problem that there is no cure for. But what is it? Watch it and find out! Directed by Sam Arnold.

To read an interview with Sam Arnold about directing No Solution, click here!

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  • Loved the video, I find it so hard to explain to people even doctors what tinnitus sounds like, you've made a great film showing this. 
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  • Hi that good film I make film called hunger game deaf film and back in time
    My age 10
    It is danny
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  • There are tinnitus groups I think and action on hearing loss does a lot of research.
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  • Tinnitus is not just high pitched sounds - I have had it for 38 years constantly. Mine varies from sounding like a fog horn to static on the TV. Sometimes I can have upto 4 different sounds at the same time. It has been suggested that I try a tinnitus masker but that is not possible because I am very deaf as well. In time you learn to ignore it and get on with life regardless.

    I really feel for some people where they are unable to ignore it as I do. It is truly maddening and I hope they get the support they need. I never have had any support with it
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