Up For It? Series 3: Episode 6

Be taken aback by Jayden's mad poetry skills in this episode!

Children's programme. Deaf BSL poet, Zoë McWhinney, meets Jayden at The Poetry Café and teaches Jayden how to create BSL poetry. Back in the studio, Mia and Nadeem go head to head with a BSL handshape game. Naomi and Ricco show the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to butterfly in Visual Vernacular. And Magic shows us one of her tricks. Produced for BSLBT by Mutt and Jeff Pictures.

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  • Dear Sir/Madam  My name is George Chapman, who’s Deaf and use BSL.  I would like to write a message to say that I have so enjoyed watching this series. It had made me laugh when I watched the scene with Noami and her brother, Mia and Nadeem. My favourite epsiode from this series is poetry  and Drama. They looked really good.    Kind Regards  George Chapman. 
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  • Magic is brilliant with the tricks.
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