Under the Lamp 1: Programme 2

Carolyn Nabarro interviews Veronica Lewis, Emma Trainor and Rob Wilks

27m 15s

Chat show (2009). Carolyn Nabarro interviews notable people from the Deaf community. In this episode from Cardiff, Veronica Lewis talks about her time with the Deaf Comedians, and how their hilarious comedy sketches were created. She also shares a hilarious real-life story for the studio audience. Next, Emma Trainor talks about the generations of Deaf people in her family, and what it was like to grow up regularly visiting the Deaf club. Finally, Rob Wilks explains his life as a Deaf solicitor and the importance of the legal advice he provides with his team at the Royal Association of Deaf People. Directed by Fifi Garfield and produced by Remark Production for BSLBT.



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