The Third Brigade

Documentary following a Deaf brigade during the Libyan revolution

This documentary follows an extraordinary group fighting alongside Libyan rebels: the Deaf Brigade. In February 2011, a civil uprising took place in Libya. Within just a few months, the whole country was in turmoil. During nine months of war, a rather extraordinary group fought alongside the Deaf Brigade. One year after the beginning of the Libyan Revolution, Daniel Abbou visited the town of Misrata to meet the Deaf soldiers who took an active part in the historic changes that redefined their country. This programme is presented in LSF (French Sign Language) with English subtitles.

The Third Brigade is a coproduction between L’Oeil et La Main and SIGNES.

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  • Wow! Extraordinary programme but a bit disturbed about the heavy weapons.

    Hope the deaf community build a new life.
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  • In the captions -- "Arab Music?" That was the call the prayer.
    Posted on
  • Great job on this project!
    Posted on

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