The Hub 1:2 (April 2011)

News and current affairs

News-based magazine programme for the sign language community. In this episode, presenters Gavin Lilley and Elizabeth Bojas tell us about two Deaf people who have just been awarded an MBE for their work in the Deaf community, Laraine Callow and Alan Murray. With the BSL Bill consultation now complete in Scotland, Lillian Lawson of the Scottish Council on Deafness explains how it could change Deaf lives. We meet Alan Thompson, who has just been named British Skydiver of the Year and is a veteran of over 3000 jumps, and Clive Mason reports on the scrapping of the Disability Discrimination Act and what the new Equality Act could offer Deaf people. Deepa Shastri explores why Dering Employment Services collapsed and finally, there’s good news about the reopening of Green Lanes Deaf Club. Don’t miss it!

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  • Hello

    I was delighted to have come across your website. I've been so disappointed when so many Deaf stations (websites) closed, particularly the daily news. Your website is very comprehensive and covers so many issues which is fantastic for Deaf and individuals, like myself, continuing with their BSL studies. I do struggle with receptive skills mainly because as the signers are so professionally fluent and thereby "fast", the play back becomes somewhat blurred. I remember one website I'd previously used (daily news in BSL) had an option to slow down/speed up the video clips. Would that be possible? Being able to view video clips with subtitles is extremely helpful but if I could just reduce the speed ........... marvellous!!!!!
    In hopeful anticipation,
    Kind regards and many congratulations on your website.
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