The Hub 1:1 (February 2011)

News and current affairs

News-based magazine programme for the sign language community. In this episode, presenters Gavin Lilley and Elizabeth Bojas meet Jackie Ballard, the Chief Executive of Action on Hearing Loss, who explains the charity’s recent name change. Was the name better when it was the RNID? We find out what the Deaf community think. Sabina Iqbal reports on cuts to services for Deaf children, and we meet Deaf and hearing parents of Deaf children to find out about the support they’ve had from social services. Deaf author Louise Stern talks about her acclaimed book of short stories, Chattering, and Mark Gill, coach of the Great Britain Deaf football team, tells us about his team’s chances at the upcoming European Deaf Football Championships. Watch it!

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  • I am a deaf man from USA. I watched The Hub 1:1 (February 2011) for the first time.

    I wonder if Jackie Balladrd is still the Chief Executive of Action on Hearing Loss?

    My question is why does she hold this highest position when there are a better, qualified Deaf person to lead the Action on Hearing Loss. Second, if she is the Chief Executive and why is she incapable of sign British Sign Language. On top of this, she may be a good charity worker but she will never ever, ever understand a deaf person's life.

    Hence, I hope the Deaf people of greater United Kingdom take the Action on Hearing Loss back where it belong to the deaf people because you know what to do and you will become the beacon of light and hope to those incoming deaf people.
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