Supersonic: Behind the scenes

Take a look behind the scenes of our superhero drama, Supersonic!

Take a look behind the scenes of BSL Zone's superhero drama, Supersonic, about a Deaf boy with special powers. The film was directed by Samuel Dore, and stars Jamal AjalaRezene Woldeyesus and Vilma Jackson, who you can see in this behind the scenes film, which was made by Ted Evans.

Watch Supersonic now by clicking here!

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  • Loved this film and it was very interesting to see behind the camera. I love watching how all the work goes into making a story off camera.
    Congrats to Samuel for a job well done!
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  • it's really very good and it's like Blaxiploitation!
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  • Good story
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  • Nice watching! Hope seeing it at the DFF in Stockholm next year if poss. Good Luck with editing!
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