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The day in photos

Day 7 - 1st August 2013

More dramatic action from Sofia: athletics, football and karate

Hello, Jane here! Welcome to the highlights of Day 7 at the Deaflympics!

Athletics - 400m Women's Final

We finished last night's highlights with the news that Ukraine had protested that their light on the starting block had not come on in the Women's 400m final. We have footage of this. What do YOU think?

The final decision was that the race as run would stand, so Lauren Peffers got her silver medal!

Lauren Peffers said: "I was a bit annoyed that they didn't give the medal ceremony straight away. I don't know why there was a delay. It's not fair on the others. The medals should be given on the same day after the race. It's not fair. It's not right. It should be on the same day."

She added: "I was after Gold so I am wee bit disappointed to get Silver. But I am happy with Silver given the injuries I've had. I can't complain."

Congratulations to Lauren! 

Women's Football

The GB Women's Football team were up against a strong USA team in the semi final. The winners would be guaranteed a silver medal, but GB had injuries and all three of their substitutes were used in the first half.

GB were trailing 4-0 at half-time but kept attacking and maintaining a strong defence, conceding just one more goal in the second half.

The final score was 5-0, but the team aren't going home yet - they now play Poland on Saturday, with the winners taking home bronze medals!

Mark Gill said: "USA were the better side. They looked sharper, faster and fitter. I think the team were over-excited in the first half. They knew they were one step away from the final, so they were excited and of course, you start to make mistakes and USA took advantage of that."

Ian Cooke said: It was good. I am proud of them. They took a thrashing in the first half and were down 4-0! I wanted to be positive. I didn't want to be downbeat about it. I'm looking forward to the play-off. C'mon!

Mark Gill: "It's not over yet. We have a 50% chance of winning a Bronze medal. I knew we can do it. 100%! We've practise and trained. We are 90 minutes away from Bronze."

Fingers crossed for Saturday!


Another person who keeps going against all odds is David Grant who was in the Karate Open event today. See what he said after the event.

David Grant said: "I got to the top eight and it was absolutely fantastic. I couldn't be any happier. My family are extremely proud. The support has been fantastic and to come home as top eight at my first-ever Deaflympics - I am going to be happy for a very long time. It is a moment I will never forget."

David is a happy man! David is very popular in Team GB. He gives a lot of support to the others. Russia love him, also Italy! And so do I!

More sports tomorrow so keep watching! Take care!

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