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The day in photos

Day 4 - 29th July 2013

Tennis, swimming and badminton from Sofia

Welcome to the highlights of Day 4!


There was a shock result on the tennis courts yesterday when the GB Men's Doubles team were knocked out of the competition by India.

Today, there were a few more GB tennis casualties. Bethany Brookes lost her match against a player from France, while Peter Willcox and Lewis Fletcher, playing in the men's singles, lost against Germany and France respectively. All of them put up a brave fight to stay in the tournament.

Cathy Fletcher is the only survivor in the singles for GB tennis. She had a long match today against her opponent from Taiwan, but won in two sets.


Last night, swimmer Jack McComish came 7th in the 1500m freestyle. This was a puzzle because he was a good medal prospect but it was confirmed today that he sustained a shoulder injury during the race.

There are no medals yet in swimming for Team GB but our swimmers have got through to 11 finals. 


In Badminton, Rajeev Bagga and Michael Burris played in the Men's Doubles but lost against a young Lithuanian pair. However, they're still in the competition for now.

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