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Day 10 - 4th August 2013

GB medal winners celebrate and the 22nd Deaflympics Closing Ceremony


Hello! Jane here! Welcome to the highlights of Day 10 at the Deaflympics!

It's the last day of the 22nd Deaflympics. Yesterday, we reported that GB Women's Football team won their match against Poland. They received their Bronze medals today.

Victoria Wenman said: "I realised I was here for my country. It was everything I'd aimed for. It was my dream. This was the moment! And it had come true.... I steadied myself, took the run up to the spot and smashed the ball into the top corner! Yes! This is for you! This is for my country! This is for all of you!"

Congratulations! What a fantastic ending for the GB team who got a total of five medals, and ranked 33rd on the medals table out of a total field of 65 countries. The British Deaf Community is proud of all its athletes.

The Closing Ceremony took place tonight. Congratulations and huge thanks to Sofia, Bulgaria for organising a successful Deaflympics!

Bye from Sofia!

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