Small World 1: Episode 5

Find out what kind of changes will happen in the Small World flat!

Comedy. In this final episode of Series 1, nothing stays the same in Small World. There are going to be some changes in the flat. What will the changes be? Small World was created and written by Ace Mahbaz and Brian Duffy, and was directed by Louis Neethling, and produced by Mutt & Jeff Pictures.

This is Episode 5 of 5; you can watch Episode 1 here, Episode 2 here, Episode 3 here, and Episode 4 here.

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  • All Episodes are brilliant.  Please continue to create more epsiode.  Thanks!
    Posted on
  • It would be great you will continued "Small World" or create a new Sitcom. I love it.
    Whatever I will recommend "Small World" my friends!
    Greetings from Germany.
    Posted on
  • In reply to the comment below, our films are made for BSL users in general. If you aren't sure, we're sure your tutor can advise you. Thanks - BSL Zone
    Posted on
  • It would be useful for BSL learners to have a rating at what level each episode is aimed at please
    Posted on
  • Oh, I can't wait for more !! It's absolutely brilliant !! Loved it !!
    Posted on
  • Its would be great to have a audience live show of small world like friends and others sitcom. I would love to sit in audience and watch it live, love watching u guys. 
    Posted on
  • What about new film episode 6? Please come? 
    Posted on
  • 2nd season please!
    I looovveeee the Small World!
    I am more than glad to be your financial donor!
    Posted on
  • Hey i like to comment to you this PROMMAGE IS AZAMING the act is best and funny ever! SMALL WORLD MAKE ME crying laugh oh this BEST EVER I BEGGING SMALL WORLD PLEASE KEEP GOING EPISODE! LOVE IT! 
    hopefully SMALL WORLD keep going 
    i love actor 
    Posted on
  • Great comedy!, sad to see as a last one in the series. Hope to see more shows like this. You guys are brilliant!,
    Skål from SwedenSweden
    Posted on

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