Small World 2: Episode 4

Ryan and Alfonso make a movie and the flatmates all join in... but how will they pay their rent? (Recommended viewing age: 12+)

Sitcom. Laura triumphs over Giulia and Graham needs to come clean with Tina. The Landlady finds herself neck deep in zombies, Chris Baker learns the power of protest … and how on earth are Ryan and Alfonso going to pay the rent?  Starring Adam Bassett, Brian Duffy, Paula Garfield, Nadeem Islam, Vilma Jackson, Ace Mahbaz, David Sands and Sophie Stone.  Directed by Louis Neethling and produced for BSLBT by Mutt & Jeff Pictures.

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  • Well done, actors. But I have to be honest,,, first season was better. Hope next season make better filming.
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  • Lots of laughing. Well done Ryan made his great film (LOL!). Hard hand wave at Chris is hero for his true Deafhood. Brilliant, I liked both Series 1 and 2. Hopefully to see next series 3 with more episodes than 5. Well done to the casts and crews.
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  • I absolutely love Alfonso and Ryan's comedy moments.
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