Punk Chef: Programme 3

Can Punk Chef help a takeaway addict change her ways?

Punk Chef has a mission: to get the Deaf community eating better, cooking better and feeling better! Young people eat 25 takeaways a month, and for 19-year-old Claudia Bell, life is one takeaway after another - especially Mexican, her favourite. When Punk Chef arrives, his challenge is to make her realise how unhealthy her diet is, which he achieves with the help of the world's most disgusting cocktail, and an outfit that makes Claudia dread a trip to the supermarket! Can Punk Chef help her change her ways? Presented by Scott Garthwaite.

This is Episode 3; you can watch the other Punk Chef programmes here.

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  • Very clear to understand with BSL in the cooking programmes as well for both deaf and hearing people.

    Excellent! 10/10

    I had seen good of hearing cooking programmes included MASTER CHEF & BEST BRITISH DISHES. Hoping you could developing something for deaf chefs, like PUNK CHEF.
    Posted on
  • I find it very interesting food but I have few problem.. I cant eat colours pepper, Free Dairy , no meats, Celery and Tomatoes but only cookery and very little. no Chocolate. I love any salads and Vegertable or Roast dinner or Chinese! please can u little help if poss..
    Thank you
    Posted on
  • Hi punk chef I not seen you year !!!! So you are good chef you are best deaf of world . From zak
    Posted on
  • Awesome health food I need on my diet time
    Posted on
  • It' great cooking.

    A bit incorrect filming a young lady do her 'cigarette.'

    Because it suppose be a health programme.


    Posted on
  • I really enjoyed the programme, but got hungry just watching. I did go make a healthy meal when I had finished watching.
    Posted on
  • Hi Scott,
    it's great for me to see you doing these programmes. I love your recipes and think you are doing a fantastic job. Of course I remember you in the HE room at Beverley and all the cooking we did. I always knew that you would do something exciting like this. Keep it up, I look forward to seeing what you do next,
    Love to Jessica and Rocco too and not forgetting your Mum Sue,

    Posted on
  • :-)
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  • I think Punk Chef programmes are fantastic but I would like to see more challenges, like "Come Dine With Me" with four consentants, each one to cook and in the end, one of them win the prize from the highest points. I want to see something like this!
    Posted on

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