Punk Chef: Programme 2

Meet the Garfield-Lichy family, vegetarians who don't enjoy what they are eating

Punk Chef has a mission: to get the Deaf community eating better, cooking better and feeling better! In this episode, he meets the Garfield-Lichy family who are devout vegetarians but don't enjoy what they are eating. Will he reignite their passion for food? Or will old habits die hard? Presented by Scott Garthwaite.

This is Episode 2; you can watch the other Punk Chef programmes here.

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  • An interesting ovo-lacto-vegetarian epsiode.

    I have noticed that there is a facebook group of ASL Vegetarians and vegans.

    Is it possible to have a vegan episode?

    Xavier Tam
    Posted on
  • Punk Chef,
    I have to ask, was that vegetarian Parmesan style cheese or actual Parmesan?
    It's just that real parmesan has rennet in it which as you know is the lining of a calf's stomach which is obviously unsuitable for vegetarians. You didn't seem to mention this. Otherwise I loved the show and will be trying some cannelloni soon :)
    I just found BSL Zone today after seeing the coverage of the Deaflympics on the TV.
    I've stayed up very late watching lots of programmes; it's almost 4:30am.
    I lost my hearing in my teenage years so I have been having to learn BSL on my own though I've apparently been lip reading for years.
    Anyway a great programme.
    Hannah L
    Posted on
  • Dear Punk Chef
    show subtitle look I glad. Health very good. my boys 3. I can cook some hard.
    thank you, from Ayal .
    Posted on
  • it is fab show , I always watch diff programme ( come with me dinner and some hearing fan cooked on TV something like that) it amazing deaf show cook on programme I love watch programme and make me felt happy and lovely see how improve and more easy view BLS and comment , I want say that well done you both too :) and I do love make cook diff things fresh foods, I need more learn deep design foods, I would like watch it every week and keep carry on update next one please because I love it !!!!!
    Posted on
  • Im holly age 11 I deaf sign who will people im happy all deaf because beautiful
    Posted on
  • Fab Show!! Luv it!! My husband is vegetarian! Hope there will be more vegetarian recipes. Enjoy watch this programme!!! Luv to see deaf people to be part of this!!

    Posted on
  • I would love to receive recipe from yourself. Presently I am asked to prepare and make a quick buffet for someone surprise party. will need to communicate this as accurately as possible in BSL. I haven't got a clue. Can you help?
    Posted on
  • Punk Chef is amazing,great programme format and Punk chef has such a personality...love it, keep them coming
    Posted on

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