Punk Chef: Programme 1

Punk Chef has a mission - to get the Deaf community cooking better

Punk Chef has a mission: to get the Deaf community eating better, cooking better and feeling better! In this episode, Punk Chef meets Richard Weinbaum, who is 43. Despite being engaged to be married, Richard can't cook, and his future bride, Shana, says he thinks food appears like magic on his plate! Can Punk Chef help him to change his ways and save his future marriage in the process? Presented by Scott Garthwaite.

This is Episode 1; you can watch the other Punk Chef programmes here.

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  • i want know how cook food different 
    Posted on
  • Excellent and very clearly to understand with BSL.
    Posted on
  • i am deaf but i from Canada. i always love that show so much
    Posted on
  • I really enjoyed the Punk Chef , so good and very clear.
    Posted on
  • There lovely food and good taste I will cook posh prawns cocktail with Avocado and tomato Bruschette .. but I am good cook myself too and enjoyed watch your cooking too thanks
    Posted on
  • Hi, For me I think MasterChef is Better then Punk Chef.

    I'm health & thin.

    MasterChef are BEST!!!!!!
    why am I watching this?! O_o

    p.s I'm deaf. ;p
    Posted on
  • Congratulations to the boys can cook some Italian and French cuisine, but burst out laughing, the poor boy adult can not fry an egg. Children under 8 years of central and eastern Europe can cook dinner for the parents, which are returning home late from hard work.
    It's true that you cook, and we shall not be eaten, because it is unhealthy
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