Punk Chef on the Road Series 1: Episode 3

Punk Chef Scott Garthwaite travels to Bristol to sample the city’s huge vegan scene.

Lifestyle. In this episode of Punk Chef On The Road, Scott Garthwaite travels to Bristol to sample the city’s huge vegan scene, where he meets celebrated young chef Rob Howell at his restaurant Root. Scott also meets David Ellington, a Deaf actor and native Bristolian of Jamaican descent to chat about his life and to sample some Caribbean inspired vegan food. He then goes to meet up with Deaf gardener Robert Dunster who tells Scott how he used to be gardener to the Queen!  Scott makes some delicious vegan treats in this episode! Directed by Bim Ajadi; a Hungry Gap production for BSLBT.

If you want to try out the recipes in the programme, you can download them below:

Punking Up Your Avocado Tacos

Rhubarb Crumble with Vanilla Cashew Cream and a Rhubarb Spritzer

Gardener's Gnocchi Fit for Royalty


Text-only version:

Punking Up Your Avocado Tacos (Text only)

Rhubarb Crumble with Vanilla Cashew Cream and a Rhubarb Spritzer (Text only)

Gardener's Gnocchi Fit for Royalty (Text only)

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  • Brilliant! Best programme because of vegan and free alcohol. Amazing to see the nature e.g. plants etc. This is a great for educational. Please more like that.
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  • foods look delicious! ! will have to try cook them :) 
    Posted on
  • It's great to see something about Vegan food in Bsl. I am hearing and I live in Edinburgh, but Vegan since 5 years and I try to watch as many Bsl videos as possible to practise my receptive skills (about to complete and hopefully pass Level 1 in 4 weeks). I am not sure how your other shows look like when you're on the road somewhere for food. But to be honest, us Vegans eat more than only a bit of asparagus or crumble, doesn't really sample the vegan scene because I can cook that at home myself and it's something I would assume Omnivores can cook themselves, too. Bristol has way over 10 vegan restaurants, not mentioning the vegetarian places with vegan options. I would have liked to see you trying out and getting ideas from top rated vegan eateries such as Cafe Kino, Oowee Vegan, Sunkraft, Fi Real, Vx, Eat  Your Greens, The Spotless Leopard, Earthcake, Beyond the Kale, etc etc etc .... but it's not special for me when a place which offers meat and fish, too, can make an asparagus dish. We eat Burgers, Pizza, etc etc ... not only veggies.
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