Punk Chef on the Road Series 1: Episode 1

Punk Chef (AKA Scott Garthwaite) travels around NE England, meeting people and cooking mouthwatering food.

Lifestyle. Punk Chef, AKA Scott Garthwaite, explores his native North East of England while on a hunt for food and cooks some fantastic recipes using local produce. In this action packed programme, Scott visits a traditional kipper smokery in Craster, an old friend in Newcastle, Rockliffe Hall near Darlington... and last but not least, his Mam. Each visit produces amazing food with stories behind it. Directed by Bim Ajadi; a Hungry Gap production for BSLBT.

If you want to try out the recipes in the programme, you can download them below:

Craster Crab Bisque and Crab Toasties

Lobster Risotto


Singing Hinnies


Text only versions:

Craster Crab Bisque and Crab Toasties (Text only)

Lobster Risotto (Text only)

Panaculty (Text only)

Singing Hinnies (Text only)

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  • it really good and I am interested   
    Posted on
  • Interested to see British culture foods, I would like to see some British tradional vegetarin food to cooking.
    Hope to see Punk Chef would continue on road to UK e.g. mutli-cultural foods.
    Also I would like to see another chefs e.g. BAME and females.
    Posted on
  • Love this new Punk Chef programme! <3
    Posted on

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