Team profile: The Red team from Punk Chef: Kids Challenge!

Here's your chance to meet the Red team, Zak Wilson and Oliver Elliott-Chorley from our upcoming programmes, Punk Chef: Kids Challenge!

In this video you can meet the Red team from Punk Chef: Kids Challenge! Zak Wilson and Oliver Elliott-Chorley are both 11 years old, and they are one of four teams competing to win the title of Young Punk Chef! You can see the programmes on the 15th and 22nd December. Don't miss them!

Meet the Green team by clicking here!

Meet the Blue team by clicking here!

Meet the Purple team by clicking here!

You can also see a behind the scenes film for the programme, by clicking here.

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  • hello bsl zone remark !!!!
    so you can flim to me and sam do deaf ice water can
    Posted on
  • Really enjoyed watching this. Well done to the chef and children.
    Posted on
  • Brilliant! Really inspiring.
    Posted on
  • Bright boys - I like it very much with their great telling.
    Posted on
  • Fabulous for deaf children, I have only know Zak for a year, but a wonderful lad
    Posted on
  • Fab comments from two cute boys! I like the question about one trophy between two boys!
    Posted on

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