Punk Chef: Kids Challenge: Behind the scenes

Watch as four teams compete to win the Young Punk Chef Award!

Behind the scenes.  Produced by Ashley Kendall and Sebastian Cuncliffe for BSLBTPunk Chef has a mission: to get the Deaf community eating better, cooking better and feeling better! And now, he's finding out who Britain's best young Deaf chefs are. In his two-part special, four teams of children compete to win the Young Punk Chef Award!  Meet the crew behind the programmes, who tell us about the challenges of working with children. We also discover what Punk Chef's favourite thing about presenting is! Watch it and find out.

You can watch Punk Chef: Kids Challenge here.

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  • please keep them coming we love them . thanks
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  • Excellent purple team
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  • It is absolutely important to encourage kids to learn that it is fun and interesting to cook ... learn about hygienic link to cookery, weight food and choose what to cook etc. Well done to Punk Chef and team. HEARTFELT CONGRATULATIONS
    Posted on
  • hi can film me and amelia cooking with punk chef from zak
    Posted on
  • That is fantastic! Love to watch your series! You are such brilliant. Look forward to watch the whole! Hopefully I will be lucky to pick for behind the scenes
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