The Muddy Boot Room Series 1: Episode 5

The first Deaf football news round-up in 2020, hosted by Adam Bassett, with special guests!

Football highlights. Presenter Adam Bassett is joined by EDF General Secretary Oliver Eadsforth and Derby County DFC Manager Ellie Biggerstaff as they discuss all the action on and off the pitch in the North and South England Deaf Football leagues. Reporter Annie Starkie was at the Birmingham v Blackburn game, there's a special feature on referee Jason Taylor and a special report from Rinkoo Barpaga at the UK Coaching Awards in London.  Finally, check out players' New Year’s resolutions and Charlton take on the Muddy Boot Room Challenge! An ITV SignPost production for BSLBT.

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  • Brilliant.
    Posted on
  • Great to see Ben and James on the programme.
    James especially had a great year with that and FA volunteer of the year. 
    Now he's been let down as the futsal hub he volunteered at hasn't been recommenced. So he's trying to look for a paid coaching role.....more difficult when you are young and deaf!
    thanks again for showing them
    Posted on
  • The presenter is so clearly described. It impressed me.   easy to follow him.  Well done Adam
    Posted on

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