Living with Parkinson's

Documentary looking at Deaf people with Parkinson's

Factual. Documentary following the lives of two Deaf men and their families who are affected by Parkinson’s. 1 in every 500 people will develop Parkinson’s in their lives, which means the brain cells involved in movement start to die. There is no cure. Because of the effect on movement, Parkinson’s can also affect communication in BSL users. John explains how he realised he might have Parkinson's, which his mother also had before him. Meanwhile, Cliff was diagnosed with Parkinson’s five years ago. Both men explain the effect on themselves and their families in this emotional yet revealing programme.

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  • Hello there,
    Anyone know of any Deaf people with Parkinson's support groups in the UK?
    Posted on
  • Brilliant camera filming..hope to see more of mark nelson's work.
    interesting documentary.
    hope new BSL group for these people  in need of support
    Posted on
  •  Very interesting,  this needs to be discussed.  My husband has Parkinson's and it must be much harder to find support if you can't hear or see.
    Posted on
  • Film full of information and the effect on everyone's life.
    I hope these two families have managed to stay in touch. It was wonderful to see John involved in the gym, has the interp support continued to allow him access?
    Thank you
    Posted on
  • So sorry to see that condition affecting the person and the family. Thank you for showing helped me to understand it a lot more. Use of hands is vital to life skills. I wonder if when it deteriorates for communication needs, is there a laptop to tap on and relay thoughts to others?
    Posted on
  • Extraordinary documentary, of course very emotional.

    Worth to watch this to help the community to be aware about Parkinson's.
    Posted on
  • What a very emotional documentary and to understand what Parkinson Disease are. Sadly, in this 21st Century, hospital are not aware of the deaf access to health issue in their language, like easy to read leaftlet, subtitle for the DVD or provide an interpreter. I am so pleased that he had meet other deaf person who got Parkinson like him which made a huge difference in his life that he is not alone. But it affect the whole family and they need support too not just the person who got Parkinson. Hope to see other documentary of this family in few years time, how they have been progress with support from hospital etc.
    Posted on

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