Live stream 3: 13th December 2017 (2017 round up)

Fifi Garfield interviews Raabia Hussain and Mia Ward.

Live streamed programme.  Produced by BSLBT and originally streamed via Facebook Live.  Fifi Garfield interviews Raabia Hussain and Mia Ward about their experiences behind and in front of the camera throughout 2017. The three of them discuss the highs and lows of working in the media, how they got to where they are now and the importance of following your heart. 

Read an English transcript of the interview here.

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  • First time I met filmmaker Raabia and his friend William in London past 9 April 2019. She, he and I enjoyed chatting together. She is nice.
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  • Very interesting! Its great to see independent women and different cultures! Amazing.
    It is Very RARE to see woman with different background and religion has a dream to work in film sectors ike Raabia. Its very brave for her to stood up in what she believe as i know many of female same as her society who doesn't accept filmmaker or wont allow them to be independent and also to travel alone. Im gladly that Raabia has prove us wrong being a woman filmmaker doesn't end the world or bringing shame to the society!!!
    Hats off to you! Please carry on and inspire us.
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  • Great to see to Deaf women artists.
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  • Very imformative please can I ask question- how rabia became filmmaker? Where passion from? Its very interesting to see colour skin filmmaker first time I see headwear scarf work in filmmaker. Wow. Mean she first deaf arabian filmmaker I never seen anything like this!!!!!
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  • Fantastic pieces of interview, really enjoying and very lots of information. I like all your bsl look very proffessional. I want see film from raabia, when release? and when you make more short film like september 11th? i want more drama film from you please.
    Posted on
  • fantastic interview. exciting to see film. i want to see your film raabia where it come out? these three are engeric. beutiful, strong bsl best one. i want see more and more question please.
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