Life Stories: John Smith

Comedian and actor John Smith talks to the people and goes to the places that make up his life story.

Biopic.  Comedian John Smith has been on the stage for many years and travels all over the world entertaining packed venues with his unique brand of humour.  In Life Stories: John Smith, John tells us how he was pushed into stand-up comedy while working as a support worker at Rotherham Council.  Passionate in his beliefs and always with an interesting tale to tell - this is a look at what made John Smith the man he is today.  Produced for BSLBT by ITV SignPost.

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  • Good life story film.
    i understand what you have been through from childhood same as me.
    Wish Milan in 1880 never happened because affected lot of deaf people’s life’s so badly. 
    We all are still struggling for not having interpreter for 24 hours.
    Have to keep move on whatever we can. Keep positive to enjoy our life’s.
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  • I am like look BSLzone 
    for deaf can do 
    Posted on
  • Nice to see John talked with her wife. Of course some laughing.
    Posted on

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