Life Stories: Alex Duguid - Behind the scenes

How was our biopic made?

This behind the scenes film by Raabia Hussain and William Horsefield looks at how our biographic documentary, Life Stories: Alex Duguid, was made.  It follows the crew as they filmed various aspects of the programme, looking at some of the challenges they faced, including filming with a drone!

Life Stories: Alex Duguid was produced for BSLBT by SignPost.  You can watch it here.

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  • very good work by the crew , nice to see Raabia hussain pursuing her career doing what shes good at , definately a future film director. Hope to see more of her soon X
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  • What an inspiration! Theyre seems very friendly and cheesy. i was surprised to see rabbit! haha its a nickname for Raabia! A future film director I can see that! I love her film september 11th its very very very very very UNIQUE! When will she be back for to make a film? I want to see more films from her.... I am really glad to see her back on board after a while. We all need her!  
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  • It's has been years and years finailly see Raabia! Ive always been fans since her first short film september 11th released in 2012! 5 years! This documentary is an amazing touchy I truly love it. I would like to see raabia, her short films please. More from her! By the way what a lovely team. 
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  • Awesome.
    Great Crew!
    Interested to see the scenes, which had been filmed.
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