To Know Him: Behind the scenes

Find out more about how our heart-wrenching drama, To Know Him, was made.

Behind the scenes.  Produced by Becky Bailey for BSLBT.  This behind the scenes film is about how our drama, To Know Him, came together.  It features interviews with some of the cast and crew, who talk about why they think the film appeals to everyone, regardless of their hearing status, and what it was like to work in a mixed Deaf/hearing team.  Actress Jemma Joyce explains how it felt to take on her first big acting role, too!

You can watch To Know Him here.

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  • Thank you Jo, we absolutely loved the house (in Neston) the minute we saw photos of it. It was a joy to film in too and looks great on screen - Ted
    Posted on
  • A great, awesome to see new actresses are Jemma and Hermi talked about their experiences. I want to see Ted tell his story as well. Bravo!
    Posted on
  • I was overwhemed on two counts with this production. Firstly the quality of the production, storyline and professional quality. Secondly, it was partly filmed in our family home in Neston which sadly had to be sold in Aug 2017 following a death.
    Although the content was of a very sad nature, it was good to see the house just as we had left it!
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