He Stood Me Up

Watch this film by Sahera Khan and Raabia Hussain, about a Deaf woman who is hoping for romance. But will the man she is meeting arrive?

Short film.  In this short film, made as part of the BSL Zone's Fund for Web Clips, a woman hopes for romance. But will the man she is meeting arrive? Written and produced by Sahera Khan, this film was directed and edited by Raabia Hussain.

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  • i can relate to that show. Thanks for making that show. 
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  • Shame on him! That means he doesn't respect anything in life as he doesn't respect his appointments. So, don't ever bother about him. I liked your video. Carry on! 
    Posted on
  • Thank you for this sister, it's brilliant. Please continue doing what you're doing.
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  • I like this - lots of potential here and I hope you keep making more films!
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  • Brilliant video .... Good point... **double themps up**
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  • Great video
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  • Well done Sahera!
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