Getting Personal with Sophie Stone

Deepa Shastri meets RADA-trained actor Sophie Stone. [Note: addiction & abuse are mentioned.]

28m 14s

Interview programme.  Deepa Shastri catches up with actor Sophie Stone who overcame a difficult start in life to become the first deaf person to train at RADA, going on to have a successful career as an actor.  Sophie reveals that she draws on her life experiences when going into character; Deepa wants to find out more, so they visit places from Sophie's childhood.  On this emotional journey, Deepa learns about the complexities of growing up with a mother who has addiction issues and how love and inner strength can help overcome trauma.  Produced and directed by Cathy Heffernan; a Drummer TV production for BSLBT.

Were you affected by this programme?  UK information: You can email SignHealth at to ask for information about support in BSL, or click here to see their website.  You can also send a text message to Shout, the UK’s first free 24/7 text service for anyone in crisis - click here to see their website.



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