Found at the Deaf Club

Three Deaf people explain how discovering their local Deaf clubs changed their lives.

Documentary.  Three Deaf people explain how discovering their local Deaf clubs changed their lives, giving them a new identity, language, and community.  How difficult was it to "take the plunge" and go along, despite not knowing anyone there... and were they welcomed?  Find out by watching this programme, which features Christina Allen, Janice Connolly and Iris Luke.  Produced and directed by Charlie Swinbourne; an Eyewitness Media and Wellington Films production for BSLBT.

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  • Great programme, really enjoyed it, well done to all involved in keeping deaf clubs going. Dave
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  • Lovely new documentary ‘Found at the Deaf Club’. See Deaf women did for the deaf clubs. They are inspirational too. Sweet stories. It make you smiling and sad.
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  • One of lady describe about the school. Teacher advised all children do copy english from the blackboard that's what we have been thru like this. When we left the school, of course we still struggle to grasp all english but I don't understand teachers still working without inspection that children can write it by themselves ...
    We were in PHU and waste our education. Thanks to one of her bring it up 
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