The Fingerspellers: Episode 1

Watch the first episode of our comedy about a family of signing gangsters!

Comedy about a family of Deaf gangsters who use their signing hands as weapons to control their patch. When the 'Deaffather' stops Textphones being sold in Metro City, a rival family attempt to muscle in. Starring a cast of some of the UK’s foremost comedic Deaf actors, including Matt KirbyDiana Martin and Ilan Dwek, The Fingerspellers is a madcap comedy that started life as a series of short episodes in the BSLBT’s Wicked series. Can the family survive? Will Cuddles live? Watch it and find out. Written by Charlie Swinbourne and directed by William Mager.

Watch Episode 2 of the Fingerspellers by clicking here!

You can also watch a half hour version of The Fingerspellers, by clicking here.

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