Father Cyril

Beloved Deafblind priest, Father Cyril, tells his inspiring story, spanning from unlikely origins to his incredible world-wide ministry.

Documentary. Sarah Jane Moloney introduces Father Cyril, the first Deafblind priest ever, who explains how he became a Catholic priest after being born to Orthodox Jewish parents. This is an insight into Father Cyril’s faith, career and campaigning work. He also talks about having Usher Syndrome; how he felt when he was diagnosed and how he has worked all over the world to change people’s attitudes to Deafblindness. This Hands On programme was originally produced for RTE Diversity in Ireland by Mind the Gap Films, directed by Louis Neethling and Ramon Woolfe.

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  • An excellent programme, well done!
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  • Father Cyril is an inspiration to all Deaf And Deafblind people May God continue to bless him 
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  • i watch BSLZONE Father Cyril he is deaf blind I read his life were incredible I believe he great faith love God . I will pray for Fr Cyril   i thank you to watch this BSLZONE. I'm deaf use bsl . 
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  • Totally Brilliant
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  • I have the pleasure of having Father Cyril as a customer where I work and it is always a pleasure to sit and help him with whatever queries he has. 
    I am hearing, I have been learning BSL for under  year, but meeting a deafblind person was such a different and unknown experience to me, and he has made it so simple. When I was brought a Christmas card from him last week, I was very touched.
    He truely is an exceptional person, and this documentary enhances even more what I thought about him. 
    Thank you.
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  • Extraordinary documentary, I remember I first watched See Hear about Father Cyril a few years ago. Of course he is so an inspiration to the deaf community and world. He is an excellent role of model whatever he support deaf people in the world - it doesn't matter where they come from. It is so beautiful human. Yes he is an unique as well. We should learn from his examples how to support the deaf people to prevent the oppression. 
    Also important for deaf blind, ushers and the community aware to see Cyril do very well.  It helps them explore and inspiration to them too.
    I know this documentary about a few years ago. I wonder, how he is getting on today? Why not filming him again? Please do watch it and definitely influence on you do your action to support deaf community whatever you can do it. Peace...
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  • Wow!! What an inspirational story and Man you are .  Thank you for sharing your life journey with us. God bless you .x
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  • inspiring x what an amazing man! X 
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  • What an inspirational man a man of great faith a firm believer in the almighty  God bless him 
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