Deaf World: Archive films of Deaf people in the 1930s

Watch our clip showing what happened when archive films of Deaf people in the 1930s was shown

When archive footage of Deaf people in the 1930s was discovered, it meant that many Deaf people could take a look back in time, at what sign language, and the Deaf community used to be like. For some people, the footage also brought back precious memories. Watch this clip to find out more.

To watch Deaf World: Episode 2, which contains this clip, click here.

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  • At Liverpool/Birkenhead Ship building Work Cammel Larid, they were producing one ship every 20 days during the World War2. There were about 8,000 or 12.000 working all shifts x 24 hours. ARK ROYAL and others. There were about 35 Deaf persons working there. I have met few of them in long past. Now there are only 3 known survivors. They have been telling me. I was working there but in 1958 and for only 4 months on one ship.
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  • hiya hun great c u on tv big hugs and happy news year love rach and kids xxxx
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  • I am deaf from USA using ASL.I enjoy watching BSL. I catch up lot of your signing but still have hard time to read alphabet signing. It is still requiring to use both hands to spelling the word. I do knowing how to say a,e,I,o,u and little other letters.I will trying to watch more BSL movie more often.It is our proud deaf power!
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  • Hi . My name is Maria .
    I'm learning English in the some time am learning BSL.
    It is so difficult for me.
    But ....I am tray and I liked.

    Thanks so much
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  • Wonderful! How I love old films of the Deaf community!
    Keep them coming!
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  • Awesome!
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