World War II: Unheard Memories - Behind the scenes

Find out how this programme was made

Behind the scenes.  Produced by Rinkoo Barpaga for BSLBT.  Take a look behind the scenes of World War II: Unheard Memories; made by Remark Media; which captures Deaf people's memories of World War Two. Here, we find out how the crew have approached putting the programme together. There are interviews with director Angela Spielsinger, producer Camilla Arnold, editor Andrew Revell and researcher Ashley Kendall.

You can watch World War II: Unheard Memories here.

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  • Yes , I need BSL power, so my workmates would be forced learned BSL. I work Rollem over 46 years as a loneliee.I beg an earlier retirement.There is no one  in BDA helping to deaf employees. Joseph Addy. Thanks
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  • During the war year 1942 the German aircraft flying very low over our roof top about eight am where all the workers was it way to work my father was involved believed they drop bombs only couple of them killed the aircraft was on it way back was shot down over the Wash Norfolk. They was looking where Rolls Royce is .I was eight years old then.
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  • I've started learning BSL this term ,so I'm finding subtitles a help.
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  • Nice behind the scenes film. Nicely shot.

    Look forward to the documentary!
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  • Hello I am Maureen living in Gauteng Johannesburg S.A my late parents ( Monk) and I emigrated to South Africa after 2nd World War in 1948. I attended Deaf School in Margate, Kent, UK. I never forgot 2nd WW was scary!
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  • Looking forward watch that those whom at Exeter Deaf School years in 1940 to 1945 hope will watch that some of you may remember it happened in war dark time
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  • Hello, when will it be released? I want to watch it!
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  • Interesting. I have listened to my deaf mother's stories about WW2 many times. She died last April aged 91 yrs. I missed her stories but I still remember them.
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  • Excited . I love deaf war story when I was younger they tell me their war time story so amazed .. I want know will be ready ??
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