Deaf Sisterhood

Follow Aran's life journey as she thinks about converting to Islam. What will she decide to do?

Documentary following the journey of a Deaf woman who is considering converting to Islam. Aran Slade is 27 years old, and is training to become a Teacher of the Deaf. Having been a practising Christian for 10 years, she has met a Muslim man, Saghir. Aran then embarks on an exploration of Islamic religion and culture, meeting Deaf Muslims and gaining an insight into their lives. This film provides an insight into a culture that is often hidden from wider view, and also shows the perspective of Aran’s friends and family. What will she decide? Directed by Bim Ajadi and produced by Cathy Heffernan and Karen Gilchrist for RedBird Productions.

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  • Salma. I really excite filming it; you would become Islam for him. it's not. it is important that your heart be allah and more read the islam book after waiting to see on the heart. I hope you are running
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  • Who says that women are not allowed to work? On the contrarty, she may have a business to look after and that doesn't ever contradict the islamic ethics. Tradition; however, restrict the permissible to do. That is why if the tradition is against the Islamic ethics then it should be changed. 
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  • I watched this with my students at a school and they are all interested to know whether this lady had made a choice. Maybe to do a film clip on her.
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  • Enjoyed watching very interesting and helps with my BSL Studies and receptive skills. Video Subjects varied which keeps it interesting.
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  • Hi.
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  • I watched this film to help me with my learning of BSL. I am a Christian, but found it very interesting to see some insight into the Muslim faith.
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  • You can switch the subtitles on and off via the tab at the top of the video :)
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  • Ah wow I really enjoyed watching this film. I think it was a nice insight as to what non-Muslims think and feel about Islam. more importantly Aran's journey was very interesting and as unique as it was I think many other Muslim women who have converted to Islam began their journey in a very similar way. Something that really made me smile was the fact she distinguished the difference between culture and religion which many people do often confuse sadly. Another thing, Jesus (peace be upon him) is mentioned in the quran. in islam we do believe in him But he is a messenger/ a prophet of God, not God himself. god is almighty and there is only one god. So you will still be believing in Jesus, but Jesus as part of Gods creation and a messenger but not that he is God.

    I would like to say good luck to the sister Aran and I hope you find your way and what you are looking for. Islam means peace, asalaam wa alaykum (peace be with you).
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  • Very interesting, nicely made film, relevant to our area in Bedfordshire. Wondered why hearing mother when talking did not have subtilties - how can Deaf viewers access what she said?
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